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Over-The-Window / Door Shelf (12

Over-The-Window / Door Shelf (12"+ to 36")

Manufacturer: Old Virginia Home
SKU: OW-12"+ to 36"
Price: $39.99
This item is in stock

6-3/4" Deep x 16-1/2" High (Custom inside dimension from 12" to 36" wide) UNFINISHED

SPECIAL FEATURES: Hand Crafted from Eastern White Pine, finely sanded and ready-to-finish. Great for displaying plates, cups, books, pictures, stuffed animals and collectibles. A "plate groove" on the top of the shelf enables plates to stand vertically. There are two mounting holes drilled through the top backboard to secure the shelf to the wall. (The mounting holes are spaced in multiples of 16" to align with wall studs). If screwing directly into wall studs is not possible, we recommend the use of an "anchor" type fastener for maximum support of heavy objects. Maple end grain buttons are provided to cover all mounting holes.   

IMPORTANT:  When measuring, (the inside width between the side brackets), be sure to allow enough clearance for window / door frames, curtain rod brackets and curtains. Be sure to indicate your measurements during "Check Out" or notify us by email: Custom-Orders@OldVirginiaHome.com - Shipped partially assembled.

NOTE: The items shown on the shelf are not included.

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